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Importance of Conversion Optimization

By enhancing the overall usability and performance of your website, you can essentially steer user decisions to reach key performance indicators (e.g., revenue per visitor, transaction volume, qualified leads, etc).

Fortunately, the majority of steps you can take towards site optimization are relatively easy to implement. Most important, these small, strategic changes can increase your conversions exponentially and, thus, your site’s return on investment.

Interactive testing

Conversion optimization is a continuous process. Key learning from each test, which are just as important as the end result, are analyzed and incorporated into future rounds of testing.

There is no “magic bullet” to solve every issue, but we help you gain insight from each test, and modernize  your organization. Our commitment as Digital Insights Africa is to sustained learning, demonstrated by our iterative testing process, has delivered value to clients like Healthcare.gov and more.

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