Marketing Analytics in South Africa

Analyze customer trends

Forecast the behavior of consumers.

The application of scientific methods to guide marketing efforts is undergoing significant changes. Today’s Marketing Analytics should blend in newly available non-traditional sources of data with enterprise data, and adapt to the rapidly evolving digital delivery channels.

What we do

We make marketing performance easy to understand. Gain new insights, make better business decisions, get results! The goal of an analytics initiative is to develop actionable insights from your data, continuously learning from user and organizational activity to make smarter decisions and improve business results. Get in touch with our team in South Africa for quality Marketing Analytics in South Africa.

Marketing Analytics in South Africa

  • Business Discovery with Marketing Stakeholders
  • Opportunity/Threat Identification
  • Marketing and Customer Insights, Segmentation, and Personalization
  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Product Lifecycle Analysis
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Dashboards (Salesforce, Marketo, etc)

Customer Analytics Services

  • Customer Lifetime Value / RFM Analysis
  • Customer Journey Analysis

Today’s big data allows us to gather huge amounts of information and insights that we can use in our business marketing strategies. However, there is need to sort and arrange  this massive pile of data to gain insights and  find what’s relevant for business. This is what we call marketing analytics.

Marketing analytics  marketers gather meaningful insights from different platforms all of which are beneficial in creating better marketing plans and decisions.

Our team of consultants in South Africa  apply marketing analytics across as many touchpoints as possible which help us measure our marketing success as well as build better marketing initiatives to serve our customers better.

Start  using the power of marketing  analytics in South Africa today and boost your marketing. Digital Insights is there to help you get in touch today.

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Marketing Analytics Expertise in Action

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