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Difference between data analytics and Business Analytics

This article explores the difference between data analytics vs business analytics. Big data is transforming and powering strategic decision-making everywhere in the business field. From large enterprises to higher education institutions and government agencies, data from a plethora of sources is helping organizations expand their reach. It helps boost sales, operate more efficiently, and launch new products or services. Business analytics uses insights drawn from data analysis to identify problems and find solutions. Both business analytics and data analytics involve working with and manipulating raw data. Both involve extracting insights from that data, and using that information to enhance business performance. Below we look at the fundamental differences between these two.

Difference between data analytics and business Analytics

Data Analytics is much more technical-centric than business analytics. In data analytics, our team of consultants in South Africa would be doing hands-on data cleaning, data purging, and finding correlations. A data analyst would love to dirty his hands on any of the latest tools out there and test his/her data on the tool and see what insights he/she can draw from it. On the other hand, business analytics involves the interpretation of data analyst terminologies and transforming them to be presentable to their respective heads.

Business Analysts

Our Business analysts at Digital Insights Africa are responsible for using data to inform strategic business decisions. Our business analysts consultants might also perform tasks as operations research analysts, management analysts, or business data analysts.

Data Analysts

Our data analyst consultants collect, process, and perform statistical analyses on a large dataset. They discover how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems in your organization.

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