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Importance of Conversion Optimization

By enhancing the overall usability and performance of your website, you can essentially steer user decisions to reach key performance indicators (e.g., revenue per visitor, transaction volume, qualified leads, etc).

Fortunately, the majority of steps you can take towards site optimization are relatively easy to implement. Most important, these small, strategic changes can increase your conversions exponentially and, thus, your site’s return on investment.

How Journey Analytics Powers Your Journey Management Program

Customer journey analytics is an essential component of a successful customer journey management program, which enables organizations to manage, measure and improve CX and business outcomes. It is the component that analyzes data, generates actionable insights to optimize journeys and continuously measures the performance of CX initiatives.

To manage journeys effectively, you need to start by aggregating customer data across channels and time. The result is customer journey data, which is time-series data that captures customer interactions indexed by time. It powers real-time modeling and analysis, as well as orchestrating actions to optimize journeys. Unified customer journey data lays the foundation for your entire enterprise. It’s the first step towards aligning cross-functional teams around journeys and breaking down traditional data and organizational silos.

Customer Journey Performance

The process of identifying and mapping a series of customer experience steps results in having a path playbook – a suite of known journey paths that are desirable to the business and map to business KPIs. By having these as baselines it becomes possible to introduce a journey measurement methodology that extends beyond a single customer visit into journey experience measurement. An example of this could be to compare each customer’s journey step by step to your playbook or to other look-alike journeys taken by previous visitors.

As customers interact with your business through various touch points and key experience steps, variances from your baselines can be measured. When we identify such variances we can focus on adapting or changing the flow, or gain insights by asking the customer about the experience in the form of a survey question where you can develop measures such as a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge and monitor over time as your UX team introduces change or improvements.

The concept here is to introduce new, journey-scoped data that helps pinpoint where to run optimization exercises.

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