Analytics Audits

Effective data analysis for better decision making.

Effective Data Collection Implementation

What is an Analytics Audit?

Audit analytics, or audit data analytics, means the intelligence generated from reviewing audit-related information, often through the use of technology. It is  one of the first steps in properly developing a measurement strategy. Evolving organizations need a clear measurement strategy to continually adapt to changing business needs, competition, and customer demands. The analytics audit sets the foundation for the long term by designing your solution and documenting that architecture and its implementation.

What you will get

Specific deliverables of the analytics audit to help build your measurement strategy include:

  • Digital Analytics Strategy
  • Digital Data Layer Specifications
  • Digital Analytics Implementation Guide
  • Reporting Setup Review Document

Who uses audit analytics?

Internal audit teams at everywhere from large enterprises to public sector organizations can use audit analytics to improve their audit activities. In fact, 88% of audit teams either plan to or are already in the process of using audit analytics as part of every audit. External auditors, such as those at tax firms and accounting organizations, can also use audit analytics to improve the efficiency and quality of their audits.

Analytics Audit Process

No matter what technology you use, an analytics audit from Blast will follow the following format to ensure the end result provides accurate, complete data to support your organization.


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