Data is the current and future
source of competitive

We combine big data with machine learning to identify patterns you can replicate and improve the business processes in use to scale. Digital Insights Africa provide market insights (statistics) to your customers and build a data-driven culture using analytics to make decisions based on facts.

Big data is just a bunch of data. The important thing is to use the data, big or small. We are a leader in data and analytics consulting in Africa, Digital Insights  combines strategy, implementation, optimization and training to help you modernize your organization by doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Leverage the power of your data and the expertise of our analytics consultants to increase revenue, improve profitability, lower costs, identify opportunities, reduce threats, and more.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with advanced analytics and AI. Track, analyze, and improve online experiences to gain a competitive.

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics services help you to draw up a useful story out of all data.

Have a clear measurement strategy with accurate data that is trustworthy to bring meaningful insights.

Effectively evaluate the performance of a marketing activity. By applying technology and analytical processes to your data.

Improve business performance from  insights into how you can optimize your customer experience and marketing performance

Use  effective dashboards and tools such as Tableau to measure your performance against goals and objectives set.

Digital Insights Africa helps you Increase your confidence in testing, drive measurable impacts, and establish an experimentation culture.

Business analytics in South Africa

Use  effective methods to manage your data and have effective insights, using tools such as Tableau.